What’s so special about Samford Kindy?

Samford Kindy has been established for nearly 40 years, and runs a locally well-respected and highly regarded Approved Kindergarten Program, under the Early Years Learning framework and the C&K Curriculum.

We have been assessed as “Exceeding” the National Quality Standard.

We have lots of great learning resources, and our teachers and aides make each day fun and interesting.

Have you seen our backyard and playground? It’s great!

Why is your motto “It takes a village?”

We understand and embrace that we are part of a Kindy, Samford, and the greater Community. We encourage community involvement in our centre through parents, grandparents, incursions from our local community- for example Anzac Day RSL representatives, Rural fire, children’s theatre, waterbugs, reptiles and bead making workshops.

We work together with our parent and wider community for the benefit of our Kindy children.

How is Samford Kindy different from regular daycare centres?

We are a not for profit Community Kindergarten affiliated with C&K.

We have children attend Kindy the year before Prep. Each group has 22 children that attend either 2 days a week or 5 days a fortnight. Your child will attend Kindy with the same teacher, teaching assistant and classmates every day, and parents also get to know each other.

This provides a really grounded and welcoming environment for your child to play and learn in, with plenty of time for hugs and laughter. By the end of the year, your child will have 21 great friends and often parents do too!

Will you teach my child to read and write?

No.  Samford Kindy offers a rich play-based educational program, supporting each child to learn, develop and ​explore at their own individual pace. We expose children incidentally to letters and numbers through songs, games, stories and general exploration of materials. We try to empower children to become life long learners not just to go to Prep. We encourage the children to take calculated risks and to become independent and most of all to believe in themselves.

When should I enrol?

Samford Kindy is a very popular choice among locals, and while camping out to get a spot on the waiting list is (fortunately) no longer required, we do encourage you to enrol your child as soon as possible. ​ Waiting lists for each year open on 1st July, via our website www.samfordkindergarten.com.au.

Do you provide food?

No, Children bring their own packed morning tea and lunch from home​.

Do you have a siblings policy?

After much discussion it was decided that it would be fairer to all families not to have a siblings policy.

Is there an area management plan?

At this stage no, we are happy to take children from the Samford and neighbouring areas. Preference is given according to the waiting list not the area of residence.

Are there incursions included in the Kindy program?

We do have an interesting program of visiting productions and presentations for children each year that is included in your program. In 2023 this has included Geckoes Wildlife, Indigenous Insights and Evergreen Children’s Theatre.

Do I have to pay fees when my child is sick or on holidays?

Yes, fees are based on children attending all programmed days and that is why fees are payable for the Kindy program whether your child attends or not.

Will I be encouraged to take part in fundraising activities?

Because we are a community kindergarten, we need to supplement our government funding through applying for grants and fundraising. Fundraising is an important source of additional funds for resources and improvements.

But I have more questions!

Simply email us at admin@samfordkindergarten.com.au or give us a call at (07) 3289 1759 to have a chat. We’ll be happy to help you!