Samford Kindergarten boasts an enviable range of resources and facilities, including stimulating indoor and outdoor environments. Our library meets children’s desires to curl-up and read, and our creative program encourages children to explore their creative tendencies.

Outdoor play areas feature a vegetable patch, fairy garden, sand, water and a wide range of adventure play equipment.  These play areas include paved and covered areas, ensuring that children can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year.

We continue to rejuvenate our outdoor environment.

In 2016 we were fortunate to receive a Road safety grant to build a textured bike path and begin a road safety program with the children.

In 2017 we were fortunate to receive a government grant for the renovation of our creek area and the creation of a mud kitchen. So much fun!

In 2021, our Parent community helped us plant native trees and shrubs to increase our native flora and fauna and  our vegetable gardens have been producing wonderful vegetables each year.

We also keep stingless bees and in 2023 we are planning to add a frog hotel to our outdoor environment - watch this space!